Faculty Member Maureen Berner Lectures in Slovenia

Faculty member Maureen Berner delivered two lectures at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, to graduate students in the Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development program (Master CoDe).

How Feeding Hungry Children Strengthens Local Economies

Professor Maureen Berner gave a talk at TEDx Talk at Wake Forest University on the North Carolina Hunger Project, which tracks hunger and food insecurity in the state. 

Jim Svara: The Man to Know

A good student of local government management will tell you that Jim Svara is the man to know and learn from when pursing an MPA degree. For those new to the field, Svara’s story is an indication of the broad and tangible connections between the study of public administration and the many interests students may have...

Women Leaders in North Carolina Government: We Still Have a Long Way to Go

Director, manager, administrator, and mayor are all titles given to leaders serving in the state and local government. In North Carolina, there is a disproportionately small number of women who hold these titles...

An Inside Look at the Role of a Public Sector Consultant

Consulting is one of the fastest growing segments within the public sector. From transportation and technology to education and the environment, public organizations frequently partner with private-sector companies—including major consulting firms—to develop new approaches for tackling some of the world’s toughest social issues...

Can Green Tape Make An Effective Bureaucracy?

When people think of bureaucracy, thoughts of rules, regulations, “red tape,” or slow-moving actions may come to mind. But there can be benefits to bureaucratic approaches to management, and these benefits can result in transparency, guidance, consistency, and simplicity for an organization and its employees...