Celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month

It’s time to celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month! Showing appreciation for parks and recreation programs around the country is a great way to build awareness of their many benefits and encourage people to help with donations and volunteer work.

Why Are Parks Important?

Parks, whether they are city, state, or national parks, play a major role in the health of a community. Not only do the plants provide the oxygen we need to breathe, these parks provide a safe place for residents of all ages to enjoy the outdoors and each other. The presence of green space often provides numerous benefits, including reductions in stress levels and crime and even economic stimulation. These parks are often a safe haven to wildlife as well, offering protection for indigenous animals.

How Do Recreation Departments Impact Local Communities?

Recreation departments have a positive impact on the communities they serve. When a community offers its residents safe options for recreation, the health and well-being of residents improves, including reduced obesity rates, lower risks of chronic health conditions, stress relief, reduced depression, and improved self-esteem. Recreation departments also have a positive impact on the social aspect of a community, including lowered crime rates. All these benefits make a solid recreation department a great addition to any community.