MPA@UNC’s First Cohort Graduation

On May 9 I had the pleasure of watching the first MPA@UNC cohort take part in the UNC School of Government’s graduation ceremony in Chapel Hill. Eight online students graduated between December 2014 and May 2015, and seven of them traveled to Chapel Hill from all parts of the United States with their families in order to participate in the ceremony. Friends and families watched the ceremony, knowing how much work the graduates put in to get there. I was also very proud of our first graduating class, as I, too, have seen all of the hard work and long hours they invested in the program.

An especially touching part for me was the guest speaker’s address. Vi Lyles, at-large council member of the Charlotte City Council, congratulated the first group of online graduates, then went on to commend the faculty and staff of the School for making the decision to take the MPA program online. She stated that online functionality is “…an important aspect of how we communicate and work today.” Watch the full graduation ceremony here.

It was great to see these seven graduates come full circle and realize the journey they embarked on years ago. As Lyles said “I truly believe in the power of an individual to make a difference, not just now but for the future—by living a life that is exemplary, even when it is hard to do so.” All of our graduates and students are passionate about changing the world, and I am confident they will all go far with the knowledge and experience they gained through MPA@UNC.

Christa Stramella
MPA@UNC Student Support Manager

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