The Importance of Ethics in Public Administration

What is ethics and why is it important in the field of public administration? Learn about what ethics means today, why public administrators must prioritize ethical governance and how an MPA degree can help instill ethical values.

City Manager vs. Mayor: Who Runs this Town Anyway?

Local government leaders have the opportunity to help their towns and cities grow and thrive. Two roles—city manager and mayor—keep daily operations running smoothly. They also empower their communities during times of change and challenge. Learn the difference between the two careers.

What Is a Think Tank?

Often considered nonpartisan, think tanks are organizations that typically offer advocacy on a broad issue related to society, culture, tech, health, the military, economics and more. Learn more about think tanks, including what they do and how they differ from advocacy groups.

Student Spotlight: Jordan Marschke

Jordan Marschke was looking for a part-time graduate program that would offer her the same educational experience as a full-time, on-campus program. In a recent interview, Jordan explains how she’ll use the public health skills she gains through the program to improve healthcare in her community.

Faculty Member Maureen Berner Lectures in Slovenia

Faculty member Maureen Berner delivered two lectures at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, to graduate students in the Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development program (Master CoDe).

MPA Graduate Takes Next Step in Following Lifelong Calling

MPA@UNC graduate Ryan Rotundo hopes to use his MPA expertise to build partnerships in his community in order to serve the special needs population.