What Is an MPA Degree?

Individual studying for a Master of Public Administration (MPA).

Learn why it’s worth it to earn an MPA from UNC Chapel Hill, and understand the pros and cons before starting your public administration journey.

The Importance of Ethics in Public Administration

What is ethics and why is it important in the field of public administration? Learn about what ethics means today, why public administrators must prioritize ethical governance and how an MPA degree can help instill ethical values.

City Manager vs. Mayor: Who Runs this Town Anyway?

Local government leaders have the opportunity to help their towns and cities grow and thrive. Two roles—city manager and mayor—keep daily operations running smoothly. They also empower their communities during times of change and challenge. Learn the difference between the two careers.

What Is a Think Tank?

Often considered nonpartisan, think tanks are organizations that typically offer advocacy on a broad issue related to society, culture, tech, health, the military, economics and more. Learn more about think tanks, including what they do and how they differ from advocacy groups.

Decade of Destruction: The High Cost of Hurricanes [Infographic]

Katrina. Wilma. Sandy. During the past 10 years, these names have unfortunately become common parts of the American lexicon. They symbolize a decade that featured 15 of the costliest hurricanes on record that resulted in thousands of casualties, millions of destroyed homes, and more than $310 billion in total damage...

Let’s Take A Ride: 5 Largest US Public Transit Systems [Infographic]

Five major US cities including Chicago, New York City, Boston, Washington, DC, and San Francisco have the largest, most extensive public transit systems in the country. To gain a better understanding of the history and scope of each city and its public transportation system, MPA@UNC, the online mpa degree, has created a visualization to show how millions of Americans travel daily via mass transit—Let’s Take a Ride: 5 Largest US Public Transit Systems...

The History of Public Broadcasting

In 1910, a single song changed the world of media forever. It wasn’t exactly the song — an opera performed by tenor Enrico Caruso — that did it, but the use of microphones, a transmitter, and an antenna, courtesy of inventor Lee de Forest, to wirelessly broadcast the song. On that night at the Metropolitan Opera, public broadcasting was born...