@WashULaw Cross-University Courses

The following courses are available from @WashULaw, the online Master of Laws (LL.M.) in U.S. Law from the Washington University School of Law:

2 credits 
The course will emphasize learning the skills of negotiation by simulations, lectures, and exercises in which students will negotiate and watch their classmates and experts negotiate. Class members will conduct at least three negotiations during the course – a sales contract, a retainer agreement between an attorney and a client, and a complex multi-party dispute. In addition to the simulations and discussion of the readings, there will be instruction on drafting agreements and individualized advice about further steps to improve negotiation skills.

2 credits, Available June 2014
An examination of real and personal property, the estate concept, some of the problems of landlord and tenant law, future interests, easements and legal principles of property law as they apply to the use of property in our society.

Intellectual Property 
3 credits, Available September 2014 
This intellectual property course combines an overview of patents, trademarks, and copyrights with a focus on early stage issue recognition, planning and response. Specific topics will include patent searches, patentability opinions, business name selection, business product/service/domain name selection, and copyright registration. Instruction will include lecture, case studies, simulations and practical problems. Regular attendance and preparation are essential. The majority of the course grade will be based on a written final examination.

All interested MPA@UNC students must speak with the Associate Director of Academic Advising and Student Life, Elizabeth Langefeld, at elangefeld@sog.unc.edu, to determine if the specific cross-university course fits in their curriculum plan.