30 Emergency Management Organizations to Follow on Twitter

When disaster strikes, the government, nonprofit organizations, and citizens work together to restore order and provide assistance. Communication is critical to keeping the general public informed on the status of the disaster. While the media and word-of-mouth are common ways to provide information, some emergency management organizations use social media and other outlets to keep residents updated. Follow these 30 organizations to stay informed:

  • The National Weather Service (NWS) provides up-to-date weather information, offering regular updates and encouraging safety in extreme weather.
    Follow: @usNWSgov
    Tweet: 50 million people are currently under Heat Watches, Warnings or Advisories. Here are some important heat safety tips from the NWS: Heat Safety.
  • CDC Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response is responsible for managing public health crises, including epidemic outbreaks and other public health threats.
    Follow: @CDCReady
    Tweet: Parts of #CO #CA and #NV have air quality that may be dangerous for certain groups today. Check the forecast at Air Now.
  • The Safety Community is a government organization that uses data to encourage discussion and awareness of public safety issues.
    Follow: @SafetyDataGov
    Tweet: NIJ is integrating crime and traffic data to help local agencies more effectively deploy public safety resources. Check out NIJ's website.
  • Emergency Management Magazine covers all topics related to disaster management in all types of emergencies.
    Follow: @EmergencyMgtMag
    Tweet: Will the U.S. Embrace Earthquake Early Warning Systems? Check out the Emergency Management website.
  • National Library of Medicine Disaster Information provides the general public with important information on how disasters can potentially impact their health.
    Follow: @NLM_DIMRC
    Tweet: RT @EPAgov: Keep yourself and your family cool when the thermometer tops out. Read our tips for extreme #heat on the EPA's website.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) keeps its finger on the pulse of the nation’s health and alerts residents of any potential health threats.
    Follow: @CDCgov
    Tweet: Dr. Calonge: Benefits of screening are maximized when provided to everyone in the community. #CDCGrandRounds
  • National Disaster Preparedness Training Center is dedicated to developing plans and training government institutions, nonprofit organizations, and public sector companies in disaster preparedness.
    Follow: @DisasterCTR
    Tweet: U.S. earthquake increase tied to disposal well boom via @USATODAY
  • ShelterBox is a disaster relief organization that gives aid to residents in disaster areas, providing shelter and other life-saving supplies.
    Follow: @shelterboxus
    Tweet: #Popocatepetl #volcano is erupting in #Mexico. ShelterBox is monitoring the situation and our thoughts are with those affected.
  • National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) is a government agency responsible for overseeing disaster management throughout the United States.
    Follow: @NEMA_web
    Tweet: TODAY at 2pm EDT-Public Health Webinar-Tom McAllister @msema & Jim Craig @msdh discuss EMAC planning & ESF#8.
  • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services oversees all aspects of health and wellness through the United States.
    Follow: @HHSGov
    Tweet: The numbers might surprise you. Know the facts about bullying and learn how to prevent it@StopBullyingGov
  • Flu.Gov is a government-sponsored website responsible for sharing critical information and prevention tips for the flu virus.
    Follow: @FluGov
    Tweet: Planning a trip to the local agricultural fair? Follow these prevention tips to keep you and your family healthy!
  • CDC Emergency Preparedness and Response is a branch of the CDC offering information and assistance in situations that require disaster management resources, especially in terms of public health.
    Follow: @CDCemergency
    Tweet: Looking for disaster preparedness materials to distribute in your community? Check out Read for bruchures on a variety of topics.
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is responsible for educating the public on fire safety, in and out of the home, as well as managing fire codes. This organization is also responsible for fire-related research.
    Follow: @NFPA
    Tweet: RT @RETradio Are you prepared for the possibility of a fire disaster in your home? @NFPA shares a few fire safety tips.
  • The National Fire Protection Agency’s Firewise Communities Program encourages homeowners to take individual responsibility for preparing their homes for the risk of wildfire.
    Follow: @Firewise
    Tweet: Test your knowledge on preventing kitchen fires with the @NFPA 2013 Fire Prevention Week quiz! #FPW
  • FBI Press Office keeps the general public informed of threats to their safety and other news and safety issues through its Twitter account.
    Follow: @FBIPressOffice
    Tweet: FBI News Blog: Seeking Owners of Stolen Artwork: In 2006, a well-known dealer of rare maps was caught stealing…
  • The Salvation Army helps those who need assistance nationally and internationally, including assistance with disaster relief efforts.
    Follow: @SalvationArmyUS
    Tweet: RT @SalvationArmyA: Did you know the fastest growing group of homeless people is children under the age of 9?
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is the primary government entity that coordinates disaster relief efforts in the United States.
    Follow: @fema
    Tweet: 7/12 For NC, SC, MD, VA MT @VDEM More rain expected today, be alert for possible flash flooding & don’t attempt to drive over water
  • Ready.gov is a FEMA-sponsored website that keeps residents informed and offers helpful disaster preparedness information.
    Follow: @Readygov
    Tweet: Extreme heat can often lead to #blackouts. Don’t be in the dark; learn how to prepare.
  • AmeriCares is a nonprofit organization that specializes in providing disaster relief and humanitarian aid.
    Follow: @AmeriCares
    Tweet: We support more than 100 #gardening programs in post-#disaster #Japan to improve mental well-being of #survivors.
  • American Red Cross is one of the largest aid organizations, providing disaster relief, blood donations, and lifesaving CPR certification.
    Follow: @RedCross
    Tweet:  The Red Cross has done shelter/food/health services/ thousands of cleanup kits in many states for recent floods. 
  • Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium provides Homeland Security-certified, tuition-free training programs for rural first responders to increase their effectiveness.
    Follow: @RuralTraining
    Tweet: Rail Car Incident Response from The RDPC.
  • International Association of Emergency Managers is a professional networking organization for disaster management personnel.
    Follow: @iaem
    Tweet:  The Stafford Disaster Relief & Emergency Assistance Act (recently amended)#smem via @fema
  • National Emergency Planning and Training Association educates residents and businesses in emergency preparedness.
    Follow: @Nepta_Recovery
    Tweet: Getting prepared seriously? Disaster strikes – you fight to get to school to get kids – school has been evac’d – where did they take them?
  • Smokey the Bear is the face of wildfire prevention, educating the public, and encouraging vigilance.
    Follow: @smokey_bear
    Tweet: Ultimately, though, your actions to help prevent #wildfires are validation enough for me. Only you can prevent wildfires.
  • RJ the Fire Dog is a cartoon Dalmatian that trains people on fire safety and emergency preparedness.
    Follow: @RJtheFireDog
    Tweet: Asiana Crash Shows #Disasters Are Survivable. 
  • University of Colorado Natural Hazards Center strives to provide disaster management information and knowledge of disasters for optimal safety.
    Follow: @HazCenter
    Tweet:  New Airbnb app helps connect homeless disaster survivors and folks with room to spare. 
  • Disaster Recovery Journal publishes business and disaster recovery news.
    Follow: @drjournal
    Tweet: Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Crisis Management
  • Department of Homeland Security oversees all disaster management and other security issues throughout the country.
    Follow: @DHSgov
    Tweet: Download the My @TSA app & learn about what items fly in your carry-on. When in doubt, leave it, check it, or ship it: My TSA
  • The Citizen Corps is a government-sponsored program to educate and encourage citizens to be involved with disaster preparedness, disaster relief, and other volunteer opportunities.
    Follow: @Citizen_Corps
    Tweet: Check out this simple checklist for preparing for utility outages!#Retweet!
  • Assistant Secretary of Preparedness and Response provides the public with information on public health, disaster preparedness, and recovery.
    Follow: @PHEgov
    Tweet: Schools need to plan now so they can keep everyone safe in an emergency, including those w/ special needs.