Our National Parks: The Pride of America [Infographic]

The United States is home to world’s most extensive system of protected public lands—the U.S. National Park System. The system includes more than 450 natural, historical, recreational, and cultural areas throughout the United States, its territories, and island possessions—more than 84 million acres in total. As you can imagine, this vast system of parks, memorials, and monuments requires expertly coordinated management on a national scale.

The National Park System is administered by the National Park Service, an agency of the U.S. Department of Interior. The National Park Service employs more than 20,000 park rangers, administrators, and scientists, who are dedicated to the stewardship of our significant national resources. Their responsibilities include managing an annual budget of around $3 billion, protecting the spectrum of American wildlife (including 400 endangered species), and hosting hundreds of millions of park visitors each year.

To better understand the history and scope of the National Parks and their administration, we worked with to create a visualization on one our greatest national assets—Our National Parks: The Pride of America.


National Parks Infographic


    Is this available as a poster.

    Gene Stepanik
    Volunteer, Park Ambassador
    Cuyahoga Valley National Park

  • Jennifer Miller

    Guilford Courthouse NMP, Moores Creek NB, Cape Lookout NS, Cape Hatteras NS, Wright Brothers NMEM, Fort Raleigh NHS, Blue Ridge Paekway, and Carl Sandburg NHS are other national park sites in North Carolina. Just because a park’s legislated name does not contain “National Park” does not mean it is of any less value. What happened at Wright Brothers NMEM changed the world forever. How many other national park sites across our country can tout this??

  • friends of the Great Smoky MT

    Good Job Logan -
    your idea of focusing on a significant feature, event, or aspect of the park
    will provide the most beneficial info graphic. NP’s are so large that one all-inclusive
    info graphic will become watered down.

  • Ranger Jim

    Great effort and much appreciated. One suggestion, in the TODAY section, you should include National Historic Sites. There are many of us rangers telling the stories of our nation and the contribution of individuals that these sites are dedicated to.