Where Can A Master of Public Administration Take Me?

A Master of Public Administration (MPA) is a versatile degree that offers numerous opportunities in government, nonprofit organizations, and some private sector companies. If you are considering pursuing an MPA, it is essential to learn about the career paths that can lead you to a job you will enjoy. With the large number of options open to MPA graduates, it can often seem overwhelming to determine where you would like to apply and which jobs are available. With the proper guidance, however, you can find the best job to fit your skills and career goals.

What Are the MPA Career Paths?

The MPA career paths are vast but can be reduced to three main sub-sections: government, nonprofit organizations, and the private sector. In government positions, an MPA graduate may work in federal, state, or local government agencies creating policy, overseeing agencies, or analyzing efficiencies. Those who work with nonprofit organizations may work in social welfare organizations, the chamber of commerce, or at universities and other large organizations. In the private sector, many MPA graduates hold consulting positions or work in the areas of human resources or law, assisting these companies in many aspects that require a solid understanding of policy making and management strategies.

MPA@UNC strives to provide students with the solid foundation they need to work effectively in public service, regardless of the area they choose. With such a broad spectrum of job opportunities, we thought it would be useful to create a flowchart of sample careers for MPA graduates. Where Can A Master of Public Administration Take Me? is not meant to serve as a comprehensive review of jobs, but rather a selection that represents the possible pathways graduates could take. We hope this graphic inspires you to consider a career you had not previously imagined: