Law Enforcement Professionals Have A New Mobile Productivity Tool

As law enforcement professionals know, it is crucial to follow the dictates of the law when acting in an official capacity. Not doing so can turn a slam-dunk case into a misfire that can waste hours of careful work on the part of police departments, prosecutors, and countless others involved in a criminal investigation.

Those in the law enforcement field can now benefit from having pertinent legal information at their fingertips, thanks to a new mobile application. Arrest, Search and Seizure Electronic Tool, also known as ASSET, was developed by UNC School of Government Assistant Professor Jeff Welty.

The app can be used as a quick reference guide on the law and investigations for officers, public officials, and even students. For example, if an officer has a question about a search warrant or a traffic stop, he or she can refer to ASSET to quickly get an answer. ASSET contains vital information about the legal issues officers confront every day, from obtaining search warrants, to the grounds for Terry stops, to proper use of GPS tracking devices. The ASSET app includes information on arrest and detention, digital investigation, interrogation, lineups and showups, nontestimonial ID orders, search warrants, and warrantless searches.

ASSET does not require an Internet connection, making it ideal for multiple environments, particularly inside buildings with poor or disabled connectivity or in locations where network coverage is unavailable.

Download the ASSET app from the iTunes store here. A version for Android will be available in summer 2013. To learn more about the groups currently using the ASSET app, visit the NC Department of Justice or the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association. You can also keep up with developments in criminal law by reading the North Carolina Criminal Law Blog (maintained by the UNC School of Government).

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