Accelerating Your Government Career with Social Media: A Webinar with GovLoop and MPA@UNC

Social media is no longer used simply for keeping up with friends and family. In the last five years, sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have taken off as powerful marketing and networking tools in business. Now all levels of government are capitalizing on their benefits, too. From local government Facebook pages to the White House Twitter account, social media is used to reach more people than ever before. If you have ever wondered how social media is used professionally and whether it can advance your government career, you’re in luck. On November 15 at 2 PM EST, MPA@UNC is sponsoring a webinar titled, “Accelerating Your Government Career with Social Media.”

This engaging webinar will teach you how to use social media to position yourself as the go-to person in your field over those who may not be as active or well versed online. In this particular session, you can explore best practices for using blogging as a tool to set you apart as an expert among your colleagues. You can also discover how to connect and expand your network using Facebook and LinkedIn. The webinar will examine effective ways to use communities such as webinar cohost GovLoop, a website devoted to providing information about government. By joining us for this webinar, you can also find job-related online resources and tools that are designed to help you make the right moves toward your dream job.

To register for this webinar, visit the registration page here.