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The Power of Visionary Leadership
United States Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus presented the 2012 Deil S. Wright Lecture, “Leadership in Service,” on November 1, 2012. The 75th leader of America’s Navy and Marine Corps, Secretary Mabus is responsible for an annual budget of $160 billion and a workforce of approximately 900,000 people.

Lawrence Lessig: We the People and the Republic We Must Reclaim
Lawyer-turned-activist Lawrence Lessig coupled his understanding of copyright law with his observations about how it should change over time to meet the needs of the Digital Age. He founded Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization dedicated to lifting legal restrictions on copyright. After reforming online copyright law, Lessig shifted his focus to combatting the negative influence of money on politics. In his 2013 TED talk and in his book, Republic, Lost, Lessig discusses how campaign finance in the United States has left our political system corrupt and broken.

Regional Disparity: Is the “American Dream” Dead?
When it comes to the future of our children, Americans are less than optimistic. Polls show that we are no longer confident the next generation will achieve a higher standard of living than the one before it, as has historically been the case.

Rory Stewart: How To Build Democracy
In the past, democracy was hailed for the autonomy it gave citizens and the power it gave communities. Today, many citizens are skeptical of politicians and have lost faith in democracy. Rory Stewart, a member of the British Parliament, makes a case for changing the ways politicians address the public in order to regain the trust of their constituents.

Afra Raymond: Myths about Corruption
Corruption slows growth in many nations. Corruption can run rampant even in many countries with vast natural or financial resources. Journalist and activist Afra Raymond has been observing the readily accepted myths that help perpetuate the abuse of power in Trinidad and Tobago, and demystifies them in his TED Talk: Three Myths About Corruption.

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