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Let’s Take A Ride: 5 Largest US Public Transit Systems [Infographic]

Five major US cities including Chicago, New York City, Boston, Washington, DC, and San Francisco have the largest, most extensive public transit systems in the country. To gain a better understanding of the history and scope of each city and its public transportation system, MPA@UNC, the online mpa degree, has created a visualization to show how millions of Americans travel daily via mass transit—Let’s Take a Ride: Top 5 US Public Transit Systems.


Mobile Application Now Available for Students in MPA@UNC

New App Helps Close the Mobile Gap for Students
MPA@UNC and 2U, Inc., the leader in creating online academic experiences for top universities and colleges, are pleased to announce the introduction …


Who’s Hiring Vets? 5 Companies Getting Veterans Back to Work

According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 74,000 new jobs were added to the US economy and unemployment rates dropped in December 2013. While overall joblessness decreased from 7.0 percent to 6.7 percent, the unemployment rate for recent veterans is still higher than that of the general population.


Weekly News Roundup: February 2 – 8

Coates’ Canons: NC Local Government Law Blog

Subdivision Performance Guarantees — Adam Lovelady
So the county granted initial approval for a large residential subdivision. Now, after completing some (but not …


Toni Griffin: A New Vision for Rebuilding Detroit

Chicago, Newark, and Detroit are all cities in crisis that architect and urban planner Toni Griffin has been asked to help. In this TED Talk, she describes her role in formulating the Detroit Future City (DFC) strategic framework and highlights the work of urban planners. Although they don’t have the power to save cities, urban planners can play an important role in determining their future.


5 Things to Know About the $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill

On January 16, Congress passed a $1.1 trillion spending bill that will fund the federal government until October 2014. President Obama signed the bill into law on Friday, January 17. According to Politico, the spending bill includes funding to implement new health care and financial services laws, an increase to the Pentagon’s core budget, and more funding for the Head Start early learning program and veterans’ medical care.


Andreas Raptopoulos: No Roads? There’s a Drone for That

In early December, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos scored what many saw as a publicity coup by announcing that his company is working on a plan to transport merchandise with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)—more commonly referred to as drones. Although Bezos isn’t ready to say when customers can expect to see their books delivered by drones, entrepreneur Andreas Raptopoulos is actively working with UAVs as the foundation for a new kind of transportation system for communities in developing countries that lack all-weather roads.


Is Ride Sharing the Future of Transportation?

Vehicle sharing is gaining traction in cities across the United States. Many consumers are discovering that vehicle sharing makes it easier to skip taxis, forgo public transportation, and avoid car ownership while enjoying the short-term benefits of a private car. Vehicle sharing is a cost-effective transportation option that also benefits the environment.


Weekly News Roundup: January 19 – 25

Coates’ Canons: NC Local Government Law Blog

What You Need to Know about Driveway Permits and Road Access: Part I — Richard Ducker
The driveway will be the end of the road. So sings Miley Cyrus in the song “Driveway.” Actually, Miley, a driveway normally is just one access point along a road, not necessarily the road’s end.


Career Management with Elisabeth: 8 Ways to Take Charge of Your Career in 2014

We’re excited to introduce a new feature on our blog “Career Management” with Elisabeth Zimowski, the MPA@UNC career services director. Each month, Elisabeth will share career management advice for professionals looking to change or advance their careers.

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