PUBA 720: Public Administration Analysis and Evaluation II

Credit Hours: 3

This is the second of two related courses (Public Administration Analysis and Evaluation I and II), each one semester long, where students get hands-on experience in tackling real-world problems through original research.

In part I, students choose their topic, formulate a research question, and begin collecting the data they need in order to answer the question. In part II, students focus on data analysis and effective presentation of the research.

The strength of this course is that students investigate problems of importance to their community or organization. For instance, one student—a former STEM teacher—wanted to know whether the effort invested into STEM education is paying off for students once they graduate. Do they get jobs? Do they work in a STEM field? Is this investment improving our communities? Another student with military experience was interested in the use of force by local police departments and what training is provided on the use of force. He formed a research plan to investigate and compare small and large police jurisdictions in his home state.

Students are introduced to applied research design, data collection, data management, data analysis, and analytical reporting. They will learn how to evaluate programs, conduct policy research, and process the research of others in order to plan programs, make critical decisions, and communicate their results to others.

Course Introduction Video

Get a first-hand introduction to Analysis & Evaluation II from Professor Maureen Berner.