PUBA 745: Professional Work Experience

Credit Hours: 1.5

Public leaders must be able to analyze projects and situations from multiple perspectives. The ability to tell stories effectively is critical to communication. This course, in which students examine, discuss, and ultimately write a paper about their professional work experience practicum, is valuable preparation for public life.

The course requires students to demonstrate the core competencies they have developed throughout their time in the MPA program and relate them to what they learned about public service leadership. Discussions are specific and detailed, identifying all aspects of the practicum or project—how the work got done, tracked, and evaluated; how the student managed the work or project; and how the student interacted with coworkers or supervisors.

Students will work with each other and with faculty member Margaret Henderson on a draft of their final paper.

Course Introduction Video

Get a first-hand introduction to the Professional Work Experience from Professor Margaret Henderson.