Cross-University Courses

As an MPA@UNC student, you have the opportunity to enroll in online, graduate-level courses from schools affiliated with our technology partner, 2U, Inc. Click on a program below to see available courses.1

Through cross-university courses, you have access to more than 30 electives that will help you expand your skills in areas outside of public administration that may relate to your career goals. This allows you to broaden your portfolio and explore areas of study that go beyond the traditional MPA@UNC curriculum.

As with your MPA@UNC courses, these cross-university offerings feature live, online classes taught by university faculty and a low student-to-faculty ratio. They also feature high-quality, immersive coursework that you complete on your own time.

The UNC School of Government will accept up to nine transfer credits from courses offered by participating universities. Credit will be granted by the course-providing school. You will be billed by the course-providing school at their current per-credit rate, and you may be able to apply your financial aid toward your course. Once you enroll in the MPA@UNC program, the Director of Academic Advising, Karla Townley-Tilson can assist you.

1Please note that each university participating in this initiative has its own rules and restrictions regarding the enrollment of MPA@UNC students in its courses. For more details, please speak to an admissions counselor or visit our FAQ..