2U, Our Program Partner

The UNC School of Government has partnered with 2U Inc. to power and support MPA@UNC. Founded in 2008 by a team of education and technology veterans, 2U enables leading colleges and universities to deliver their high-quality degree programs online to qualified students everywhere.

In addition to UNC, 2U currently works with a number of leading US universities to support their online graduate programs, including the University of Southern California; American University; University of California, Berkeley; Washington University in St. Louis; and The George Washington University. 2U supports graduate and doctorate programs across the fields of education, social work, nursing, business, law, international affairs, public administration, public health, health care administration, counseling, and data science.

As part of our partnership, 2U provides the following services:

Technology Support

Students in MPA@UNC's Master of Public Administration program access a virtual campus for their classes, coursework, and networking. The platform, which is available from most Internet-enabled devices, is powered by 2U. The 2U approach is best described as No Back Row® and features an online classroom that brings students face-to-face for live class sessions. Program instruction is led by UNC faculty and is designed with intuitive, familiar features that foster connection and collaboration.

Content Development

In preparation for live class discussions, students watch prerecorded content created by UNC faculty in collaboration with 2U content strategists. The 2U team helps university faculty members turn their traditional classroom lectures and materials into engaging, interactive content custom made for the online environment. 2U also provides UNC with video production services, while UNC faculty author and deliver all content.

Course content is not simply recorded lectures but an interactive learning experience. Coursework includes video case studies, discussions between professors and students, dynamic faculty presentations, and interactive elements in which professors can see students' progress and leave comments and feedback leading up to the live class session.

Admissions Support

UNC works with 2U to identify and reach the most qualified candidates across the country. 2U's marketing and recruiting efforts support UNC's goal of finding students who are most likely to succeed in the rigorous Master of Public Administration program. 2U also provides an online application and application management system, which ensures a seamless process for applicants and for the UNC and School of Government administrators who review candidates. As with all UNC programs, applications are reviewed and candidates receive a final admissions decision from UNC administration.

Student and Faculty Support

2U prepares faculty to deliver classes and course materials on the online platform so that they are best able to use the tools available in the virtual classroom. 2U also offers an orientation to all online students before classes begin. Dedicated support continues throughout the program with technical support available during every live session.

If you have any questions about MPA@UNC, please contact an admissions counselor at Phone Number:+1-855-862-4672 or via e-mail.

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